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The young Ashini returns to spend the summer holidays in the community where he lived his first years. Since his kukum (his grandmother) died and he lives in the city, he no longer recognizes his belonging to his Innu culture.

The people of the territory of the bears invite you to accompany Ashini on the fabulous journey that he will undertake through the ritual of the sweat lodge. In this world of visions and dreams, where wolverines and Onis live alongside, he will meet a Japanese girl in the 7th century. Do they all share the same quest?

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Written and directed by:  Izumi Ashizawa, Marco Collin and Hélène Ducharme

English version: Jon Lachlan Stewart

Assistant to the directors:  Danaëlle Ducharme-Massé

Set design:  Erica Schmitz

Music :  Hugo Monroy Najera

Puppets and masks:  Claude Rodrigue

Shadow theater:  Marcelle Hudon

Lighting:  Michel St-Amand

Costumes:  Diane Lavoie

Artistic consultant:  Claude Boivin

Puppet and shadow puppet mechanisms:  Jean Cummings

Seamstresses:  Isabelle Christian  and  Carole Desmarais

Workshop bees:  Pierre-Olivier Hamel , Benjamin Perreault  and  Delphine Quenneville

Innu translation and recorded voice:  Bertha basilish

Japanese translation and recorded voice:  Izumi Ashizawa

Contributors to the development of the English version:  Jon Lachlan Stewart  and  Maurice Roy

Contributor to the development of the play:  Martin Vaillancourt

Soundtrack:  Sound Studio G

Technical director :  Valerie Bourque

With :  Charles Bender , Marco Collin , Hugo Monroy Najera  and  Cynthia Wu-Maheux

The path of dreams is created in coproduction with Izumi Ashizawa Performance and with the help of our partners: Théâtre de la Ville, Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, the Mashteuiatsh community, The Saint-Romain and Les-Amis-du-Monde Schools. We wish to thank the Cole Foundation for supporting this play.

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