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A Djarama and Motus co-production

featuring the work of artists from three countries across two continents. 

Two friends, Mamby and Hélène: one lives in Senegal and the other in Canada. They both have burning feet: one from hot sand, the other from winter boots. Water sets them apart: one lives where there is an abundance of water, snow, and ice, while the other must seek water, carrying it in buckets. 

“MAMBY: I think that water transmits everything we say. Water understands all languages.” 

The main character is water, a precious liquid that is scarce in many places. Before our eyes, Hélène and Mamby give life and language to water’s different forms: spring water, well water, salt water, rainwater… They voice the challenges, fears, frustrations, and worries accompanying the lack and abundance of water, taking us from the Sahel region in West Africa to America.  

In Water words, Hélène Ducharme and Mamby Wine (aka Patricia Gomis) take a fresh look at the day-to-day realities of water. Their creation highlights the value of clean drinking water and the need for access to it.  


The traditional songs and live music of multi-instrumentalist Dramane Dembelé (percussion, Peul flute, and n’goni) envelop Water’s Whisper in a poetic, dreamlike atmosphere.   


Water buckets inspired the characters and set design. Out of respect for our chosen theme, we decided to represent water with different fabrics and materials instead of using real water on stage. 

The show can be performed inside with stage lighting or outdoors without lighting.  


Mediation workshops

We offer two mediation workshops: 

  • A music workshop inspired by the music and instruments used on stage 

  • A writing workshop on different themes from the performance 

Djarama Theatre company

Actor and artistic director Mamby Wine (aka Patricia Gomis) is the founder and director of Theatre company Djarama. The company brings together art and social issues with a humanistic approach. Since 2005, they have tackled subjects such as child marriage, female genital mutilation, girls’ access to education, and the environment. They perform in a variety of settings that are accessible to everyone. Djarama has received support from the Commission Internationale de Théâtre Francophone (CITF) for several performances: 

  • AVANTI !  (2005) 

  • Moi, Monsieur, moi !   

  • Petit Bout de Bois... (2018) 

  • Parole d’eau (Water words) 

Logos spectacles.png

Written, directed, and performed by Mamby Wine (aka Patricia Gomis) and Hélène Ducharme 

Music Dramane Dembélé 

Puppets and props Jean Cummings and Claude Rodrigue 

Character of earth and water Alessandro Fanni   

Costumes Valentina Sartori   

Lighting Jérome Bérubé 

Dramaturgical adviser Jennifer Tremblay 

Creative contributors Koffi Mens, Isabelle Chrétien and Claudine Rivest 

Special thanks to Ramatoulaye Marone, Ramata Fanni, Pauline Tine, Olivier Guillochon and his family 

A co-production with Djarama (Senegal)  

Water words was made possible thanks to the support of CITF’s international co-production program, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Longueuil, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, and the Cole Foundation. 

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