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A Théâtre Motus and Théâtre Pupulus Mordicus coproduction in collaboration with the Marionnettissimo festival

Through puppets, actors, shadows, videos and illusions, the play looks into the figure and work of Georges Méliès. The production is neither a biography nor a tribute. It delves into Georges Méliès’ world and playfully looks into the unbelievable creative enthusiasm of this exceptional man, his rise and decline as well as his recognition in later life.

Méphisto Méliès benefited from residencies at Théâtre de la Ville (Longueuil) and l’Usine (Tournefeuille) and opened the Marionnettissimo festival at L’Escale in Tournefeuille, France on November 18, 2014.

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Text:  Helene Ducharme

Directors:  Hélène Ducharme and Pierre Robitaille

English version: Maurice Roy

Assistant to the directors:  Katia talbot

Concept:  Martin Genest

Puppets:  Pierre Robitaille

Shadows and live video:  Marcelle Hudon

Lighting Designer:  Thomas Godefroid

Video :  Frédéric St-Hilaire

Set Designer:  Marie-Renée Bourget Harvey

Costumes Designer:  Sebastien dionne

Music: †Jean-Pierre Lambert

Soundtrack:  Sound Studio G

Resource Expert on illusions:  Philippe Beau

Featuring: Mathilde Addy-LairdPatrick Ouellet and Louis Tremblay

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