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Pablo Perez Hermandez is a journalist. He writes articles against the government. He and his family are threatened. He must leave, change country, find a safe place for himself and his family. Like his father, he is also a shaman doctor. He has the ability to see people's nahuals.

Luna is nine years old at the time of telling the story. It is the day when she will join her father. She collects her memories throughout the show. She has a vivid imagination and is passionate about Aztec history. When her daddy leaves, she is discovering her ability to see the nahual of people. She will develop a very good relationship with her grandmother. She is very responsible and works hard in addition to going to school. Her departure for the countryside, to her grandmother's house, confused her and isolated her from her friends in the city.

Abuelita is Pablo's mother and therefore Luna's grandmother. She is recently widowed and lives alone. She adores children and is very happy to welcome the small family to her house in the countryside. She doesn't know how to write. She encourages her little Luna to write, to be free, but she also wants to communicate all her culture to her before she leaves.

Take a look through Pablo's eyes and explore a new world. You are new arrivals in a magical universe, populated by aerial beings and fabulous characters.

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Text and staging:  Helene Ducharme

Staging assistance:  Marie-Claude Labrecque

Interpreters:  Mathilde Addy-Laird , Janika Fortin , Marc 'Marcus' Gauthier , Philippe Racine , Marina Salonga and as guest artist, Hugo Monroy Nájera

Music: Alejandra Odgers

Scenography: Normand Blais

Puppets: Claude Rodrigue

Costumes: Mireille Vachon

Shadows: Marcelle Hudon

Lights: Michel St-Amand

Rigging: Marc 'Marcus' Gauthier

Aerial hoop choreography: Émilie G. Emiroglou

Development collaboration: Noémie Beauchamp , Stéphan Côté , Ernesto García Ramírez , Sylvain Massé , Sandrine Mérette and Pancho Sandoval

Rigger: Méric Messahli

Technical direction and control: Guillaume Bloch and Marcin Bunar

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