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GANOU-GÀLA, la traversée is an international co-production bringing together a core of creators from four countries on three continents, in order to create an original play in which the actors, puppeteers and musicians of each of the four countries involved in the creation.

We imagined as a starting point, the story of five characters: the daughter, the son and the mother of the ancestral Dogon myth, where the mother, having left her twins alone for a few moments, a vulture took the opportunity to steal them and entrust them to the god Amma. In parallel with this myth, the current life of a butterfly girl who follows the journey of monarch butterflies and a young man who seeks to heal from his inner bursting by returning to his African roots. It is their path that constitutes history.

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Authors: Hélène Ducharme (Quebec / Canada), Hamadoun Kassogué (Mali), Patrick Mohr (Switzerland) and Humberto Pérez Mortera (Mexico)

Director: Hélène Ducharme

Advisor: Patrick Mohr

Assisted by: Danaëlle Ducharme-Massé (Quebec / Canada)

Puppets and Shadows: Iker Vicente (Mexico)

Scenography: Normand Blais (Quebec / Canada)

Costumes: Diane Lavoie (Quebec / Canada)

Music: Dramane Dembélé (Burkina Faso / France) and Kristin Molnar (Quebec / Canada).

Lighting, production and technical management: Valérie Bourque (Quebec / Canada)

Performers at the creation: Mathilde Addy-Laird , Dramane Dembélé , Salim Hammad , Hamadoun Kassogué , Jon Lachlan Stewart , Kristin Molnar , Iannicko N'Doua and Luz Tercero .

The creative team

Aid for the production of masks and puppets in Burkina Faso

Wood sculpture: Yezouma Konaté With the collaboration of: Broulaye and Oumar Camara, Assane and Ousseni Ouattara, Maoua Koné, Hamadoun Kassogué, Bandjougou Niaré, Soumaïla Dia, Gervais Nombré and Koffi Mens ​

Help for making puppets in Mexico

Weaving: Monserrat Jiménez

Construction and mechanisms: Iker Vincente and Humberto Galicia

With the collaboration of: Oscar Salem, Kaleb Oceguera, Ana Gómez-Paz, Miguel Vincente and Begoña Ertze

Assistance in the realization of the scenography in Quebec

Olivia Audet, Marie-Ève Bourque, Isabelle Chrétien, Gabriel Duquette, Steve Paquet, Victor Rivera, Éric Saindon, Chloé Surprenant, Nicolas Vigneault and Pierre-Olivier Valiquette

Workshops: Productions Yves Nicol inc and Soudure Vézina

The partners

GANOU GÀLA, la traversée is created in co-production with the Spirale Theater (Switzerland), La Liga-Teatro Elástico (Mexico) and the Sô Troupe (Mali), with the help of our partners: Le Center Djéliya (Burkina Faso), Le Théâtre de la Ville (Longueuil) and Barclay (Montreal) and Gérard-Filion (Longueuil) schools.
This creation was also made possible thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts de Longueuil, the International Commission of Francophone Theater, the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and the Cole Foundation.

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