Luna, in my father’s eyes

Luna, in my father’s eyes tells the story of Luna and her father Pablo. He must leave his family and his country to migrate to a new world where they may live a peaceful life again. He will then discover a new world totally different from his own. There, people move about vertically, look differently and speak a strange language. It is with the help of her rich imagination that Luna takes us back through his journey to this new world.

Look through Pablo’s eyes and hop on! You too will discover a new magical universe, inhabited by aerial beings and fabulous characters!


These excerpts are in French.


Photos: Robert Etcheverry


  • Written and directed by Hélène Ducharme
  • English version Bobby Theodore
  •  Assistant to the Director Marie-Claude Labrecque
  • Cast Mathilde Addy-Laird, Janika Fortin, Marc ‘Marcus’ Gauthier, Philippe Racine, Marina Salonga and, as a guest artist, Hugo Monroy Nájera
  • Music : Alejandra Odgers
  • Set design : Normand Blais
  • Puppet design Claude Rodrigue
  • Costumes : Mireille Vachon
  • Shadow theatre : Marcelle Hudon
  • Lighting : Michel St-Amand
  • Rig design : Marc ‘Marcus’ Gauthier
  • Aerial hoop choreography : Émilie G. Émiroglou
  • Technical director : Guillaume Bloch
  • Technical director and stage managerGuillaume Bloch and Marcin Bunar
  • Rigger Méric Messahli

Children, 8 to 12
This show is not available

Presenter’s documentation :

Theatre Motus wishes to thank Théâtre de la Ville, Théâtre du Bic, TOHU and Maison de la culture Mercier for the residencies and the Cole Foundation for their generous support.