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Echoing crest is a joint work by Les Chemins errants and Emmanuelle Calvé, coproduced with Théâtre Motus.

The idea was to collect the vocal tradition in the memories of old souls and musicians in the St-Pierre and Miquelon islands. The sensual and out-of-the-way Magdalen islands were then the setting for a creative residency involving dozens of cultural mediation events with babies covered from head to toe in sparkling turquoise! Plus three thrilled, passionate and spellbinding artists eager to come up with a fourth Les Chemins errants production. Joining with Les Chemins errants to produce this bold multi-disciplinary piece are choreographer Emmanuelle Calvé and Théâtre Motus company!

Echoing crest is a multidisciplinary and boldwork, which is the result of a fruitful collaboration between choreographer Emmanuelle Calvé, Théâtre Motus and Les Chemins errants.


The work proposes to bring the visual arts to the stage. In a visual poem that borders on performance, it's a small praise for JOY! Yes, yes, joy! This elusive feeling that makes the heart shudder and unties the body. Joy, with its light dress, its brashness, its bare feet and the charm of sea-tanned skin!


In an island world that tastes like salty air and sea breeze, two women of the sea display a real small art gallery against the backdrop of a sea trip. Punctuated by movement, nuggets of poetry and a revisited repertoire of sailors' songs, their large frescoes painted live evoke the sea: its movement, its breathing, its storms and its lulls, like an allegory both sweet and impassioned of the interior landscapes that inhabit them.

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Co-created & directed by  Édith Beauséjour, Emmanuelle Calvé & Karine Gaulin

Performer  Édith Beauséjour & Karine Gaulin

Playwright collaborator  Helene Ducharme

Scenography & costumes  Josée Bergeron-Proulx

Music  Edith Beausejour

Lighting & technical director  Patrice Daigneault

Scenography / costumes assistant  Eve-Lyne Dallaire

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