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Come on, come on, come on! Days begin full tilt. This morning mommy is in a real hurry and Samuel can’t figure out why. He just wants to play with his tiger teddy bear. “Go wash your toasts. Your teeth will get cold.” Mommy’s words are gibberish in Samuel’s ears. While his tiger teddy bear is having lots of fun, mommy hastily bumps into everything and Samuel screams at the top of his voice. Enough already! Mommy gets into a fit. She grows claws and visibly becomes smaller while her dear son turns into a huge ferocious tiger. Exhausted, his room in a shambles, Samuel realizes how much place the tiger is taking in his life. The two of them hide under his bed and look for a solution. By imagining the mythological story of a goddess of anger and a tiger hunter, they will discover new common ground.

This play tackle the issue of children and adults losing control. A fit is a short and very intense event. Very present among young children who need to learn to control themselves and take ownership of their anger, the fit is a powerful feeling that children sense outside themselves. This issue is very rich for shadow theatre and puppet theater because it helps put all the characters’ physical and psychological transformations into images.


A marionette. A small boy, age 5. Very lively, cheerful, mischievous, and explosive, he is the apple of his mother’s eye, but can also be her tormentor. He adores his imaginary tiger


A marionette. Samuel’s imaginary tiger, the personification of his temper. When Samuel gets frustrated, Ling turns into a huge tiger, very visible to Samuel. Ling knows that he can roar all he likes: no one’s going to tangle with him. He is represented alternately by a stuffed animal and by a huge, almost realistic-looking tiger three times the size of Samuel.

Samuel's Mom

In her thirties. She is not a single parent, but Daddy isn’t home this morning. She has a job she loves. She can’t let herself be late this morning. She is in a different reality from her child. Samuel’s mother’s tiger is mostly represented by a shadow, a tail, or claws that appear on Samuel’s mom herself.

Tiger by the Tail PNG.png

Cast : Sergio Bátiz, Paola Huitrón, Lizeth Rondero

Written and directed by : Hélène Ducharme

English version : Leanna Brodie

Original music : Omar Guzmán

Set design : Astillero Teatro, based on Marc-André Coulombe’s original design

Lighting : Michel Saint-Amand

Costumes : Mar Y Sol Rodriguez Sosa

Puppets : Claude Rodrigue

Shadow puppets : Jean Cummings

Assistant to the director : Felipe Rodríguez

In coproduction with : FiguraT S.C.

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