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A new international co-production between Canada's Motus and Mexico City's Nubila Teatro. Haydeé Boetto and Hélène Ducharme dreamed of a time when they could both co-create and co-direct while sharing the stage together, for young audiences. So, in 2021, they began a creative process that will be opening in 2024.

Story summary 

Two cosmic beings, weavers of time, reinvent the world. A soft light, like a star, lands in their universe and activates their cocoons, revealing astonishing landscapes populated by textures, sounds and creatures great or small. In this fascinating space, poetry, puppets and theater play together to offer us a fresh look at the universe and its elements: air, water, earth, fire... and everything they contain. All you need to do is observe, enjoy and let the world light up. 


Concept and direction: Haydeé Boetto and Hélène Ducharme.   
Assistant director: Mathilde Addy-Laird  
Set, video and lighting design: Emilio Zurita  
Puppets, props and costumes: Pavla Mano  
Music and soundscape: Raúl Zambrano    
Rigging design: Marc "Marcus" Gauthier  
Special effects lighting design: Gabriel Duquette  
Production manager: Danaëlle Ducharme-Massé  
Production assistants: Luisa Márquez and Mariana González  
Stage management: Justin Lalande and Gaspard Philippe (to be confirmed) 
Technical coordination in Mexico: Gabriel Enciso  


Thanks to Pablo Cueto, Jean Cummings, Delphine Quenneville, Sergio Bátiz, Mauricio Parker and Eduardo Domínguez  

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