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This show is also available as a webcast.


And so a trio of traveling artists arrives in the public square, their caravan filled with an array of intriguing objects. Singing and playing music, they invite people to come closer – but not too close! ­– to listen to three tales, from three different cultures! Each performer breaks out his things and gets ready to weave his story! Follow them on their dreamy, trippy walkabout – all while safely socially distanced! 

Otjiera and the fasting ceremony

Take your seat around a magical fire and become a spirit of the ancestors! In this Mohawk tale, you will accompany the chief’s son, Otjiera, on his dream quest to discover his destiny. But watch out for Big Bear’s daughter! 


The Bewitched Canoe (la chasse-galerie)

A traditional Québécois tale! Soar through the sky on a flying canoe with a team of lumberjacks who have sold their souls just to attend a party in town with their girlfriends!


A world filled with sunshine awaits as you’re transported to the Mandingo region in West Africa where a magnificent Baobab tree is about to touch the heart of the Earth with its roots! Accompany a mystical young boy on his mission to return water to the land amidst a relentless drought. 

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Text and direction: Hélène Ducharme 

Staging assistance: Danaëlle Ducharme-Massé 

Music and sound environment: Stéphan Côté as well as Nathalie Cora and Aboulaye Koné 

Puppets and masks: Jean Cummings, Sylvain Racine and Claude Rodrigue 

Scenography: Normand Blais 

Costumes: Diane Lavoie 

Collaborators in the creation of Bubbles: Sylvain Massé and Michel St-Amand 

Stage manager: Louka Ducharme-Massé 

Artists at creation: Marco Collin, Sharon James, Stéphan Côté or Jon Lachland-Stuart (in english)

Workshops available - Baobab / Otjiera and the fasting ceremony


Following the presentation of the two tales, an actor will give a workshop lasting about 30 minutes. Children will discover the world of tales from West Africa and indigenous iroquois tales by approaching the different mythical characters.

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