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American Indian legend : Otjiera and the fasting ceremony

In the first bubble inspired by American Indian legends, you sit around a magic fire and become a spirit of the ancestors. Under a starry sky, redolent with the smell of pine trees, you will accompany the leader’s son on his self-imposed fast to dream.

Inuit legend : Élisapie and the Northern Lights

You enter the second bubble and immediately you are transported into the Great Quebec North from long ago. There, you will hear a make believe legend told by Inuit mothers to their children of the Northern Lights that would chop off their heads if they strayed too far into the night.

Quebecer legend : La Chasse-galerie

In the third bubble you enter the legend of the Chasse-Galerie. On your wooden log you fly away in the sky on a bewitched flying canoe, where you meet the devil in person and you are ready to sell your soul to see your family if only for a moment!​


Written by : Hélène Ducharme

Created and interpreted by : Stéphan Côté, Hélène Ducharme, Sylvain Massé and Michel St-Amand

Scenography : Sylvain Malo

Puppets design : Sylvain Racine and Claude Rodrigue

Music and sound environmen t: Stéphan Côté

Lighting design : Michel St-Amand

Shadow theatre : Jean Cummings

Costume design : Diane Lavoie

Technical Direction : Guillaume Bloch

Stage Managers : Michel Saint-Amand and Guillaume Bloch

Sets : ACME services scéniques, Benoît Jetté, Antonia Diloreto and Gabrielle Prescott

Puppets : Claude Rodrigue, Sylvain Racine, Éliane Fayad, Christian Hamel and Jean Cummings

Costumes : Diane Lavoie and Sylvie Beaudoin

Graphic design : Pascal Milette

Photography : Robert Etcheverry

Development & marketing : Danyèle Fortin 

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