Cyrano‘s Last act

Here’s a quartet of gypsies who take the stage with their caravan full of miscellaneous objects. What play should they perform today? They ask the public: it shall be Cyrano de Bergerac! One of the gypsies identifies completely with their character, juggles with the scenes, deconstructs the acts, selects the best moments and interprets them in his own way. The gypsy is supported by three acolytes who do the best they can in interpreting the various characters with the help of objects, by playing music and by singing!

Will they make it to the end of the play…?

Photos: Robert Etcheverry


  • Adaptation : Hélène Ducharme and Sylvain Massé based on Edmond Rostand’s original work
  • Directed by Hélène Ducharme
  • Assisted by : Magali Chouinard
  • Cast : Stéphan Côté, Evelyne Fournier, Sylvain Massé and Kristin Molnar
  • Scenography : Normand Blais
  • Costumes : Diane Lavoie
  • Lights and stage management : Michel St-Amand
  • Music : †Jean-Pierre Lambert and Kristin Molnar
  • Makeup design : François Cyr
  • Research collaborators : Jean Cummings, Claude Rodrigue and Joël Beddows
  • Costume making: Diane Lavoie and Sylvie Beaudoin
  • Construction of the caravan: ACME services scéniques
  • Collaboration to set and props making : Magali Chouinard, Michel McSweenSylvain Racine and Claude Rodrigue

Object theater
From 14 years
This show is not available

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