Bubbles, winter legends

Théâtre Motus invites the entire family to a unique exterior theatrical event. Three large hot air inflated bubbles made with semi transparent white tarp that allows the audience to see projections of lights and shadow theater inside as well as outside. In each of the bubbles a different legend is taking place simultaneously, an American Indian, an Inuit, and a Quebecer. The spectators enter into the three bubbles in small groups, of 20 per bubble, to successively see, the 3 legends which constitute the entire show. The creation of these uncommon spaces, where the public is welcomed in small numbers, allows us to further explore the art of micro puppets. By using light and shadow theatre, direct interaction with the public, the use of natural materials and aromatherapy, the company succeeds in creating a unique and complete winter theatratical experience for the spectators.


  • American Indian legend : Otjiera and his fast dream

    In the first bubble inspired by American Indian legends, you sit around a magic fire and become a spirit of the ancestors. Under a starry sky, redolent with the smell of pine trees, you will accompany the leader’s son on his self-imposed fast to dream.

  • Inuit legend : Élisapie and the Northern Lights

    You enter the second bubble and immediately you are transported into the Great Quebec North from long ago. There, you will hear a make believe legend told by Inuit mothers to their children of the Northern Lights that would chop off their heads if they strayed too far into the night.

  • Quebecer legend : La Chasse-galerie

    In the third bubble you enter the legend of the Chasse-Galerie. On your wooden log you fly away in the sky on a bewitched flying canoe, where you meet the devil in person and you are ready to sell your soul to see your family if only for a moment!

Photos: Robert Etcheverry 


  • Written by : Hélène Ducharme
  • Created and interpreted by : Stéphan Côté, Hélène DucharmeSylvain Massé and Michel St-Amand
  • Scenography : Sylvain Malo
  • Puppets design : Sylvain Racine and Claude Rodrigue
  • Music and sound environment : Stéphan Côté
  • Lighting design : Michel St-Amand
  • Shadow theatre : Jean Cummings
  • Costume design : Diane Lavoie
  • Technical Direction : Guillaume Bloch
  • Stage Managers : Michel Saint-Amand and Guillaume Bloch
  • Sets : ACME services scéniques, Benoît Jetté, Antonia Diloreto et Gabrielle Prescott
  • Puppets : Claude Rodrigue, Sylvain Racine, Éliane Fayad, Christian Hamel & Jean Cummings
  • Costumes : Diane Lavoie and Sylvie Beaudoin
  • Graphic design : Pascal Milette
  • Photography : Robert Etcheverry
  • Development & marketing : Danyèle Fortin 

For all the family
Winter Street Theater
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